More Wildfires in 2021


According to the Predictive Services National Interagency Fire Center, this year will be warmer and drier than normal.

"This fire season is already looking grim with parts of the country experiencing drought and drier weather. This year's season is forecast to burn 9.5 million acres of land across the western U.S., which would be 130% of the 5-year average and 140% of the 10-year average", says Samuhel from AccuWeather.

2020 was a devastating year in wildfires with about 58,950 wildfires and 547,000 acres burned. 2021 is predicted to be yet another record-breaking fire season. Insurance Information Institute states that there have been about 20,780 wildfires from January 1 through May 18th.


One small spark is all it takes to ignite a devastating fire when dry conditions are present. The combination of dry vegetation and strong winds are key ingredients for wildfires. There are 3 key elements to keep a fire going which are: 

  • Oxygen - air supply can increase under windy conditions creating an unpredictable fire
  • Heat - Fire is created when under extreme heat, like lighting and human activities like fire pits.
  • Fuel- To sustain a fire, combustible fuel must be present such as dry vegetation like trees, grass, and shrubs.


Wildfires in the Western United States and around the world are getting worse. Year after year, we see fires in Oregon, Washington, and California, and each year they get progressively worse.

Here's what reporters are saying about the upcoming 2021 wildfire season across the U.S:

    Do you want to keep track of wildfires in your area? The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center (FWAC) Wildfire Map allows you to gather key insights on fire locations, size, growth, and response from a number of agencies throughout the country. 

    Another drought-fueled season would be devastating. However, being prepared and knowing what is going on around you is key to being prepared for emergencies. 

    Learn more about FWAC's and how to navigate the application by True North Gear partnership story.

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