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The Pack Shack launches a new website and refreshes its logo and branding with the customer in mind.

The Pack Shack has just launched a redesigned website that offers improved mobile access, bolder visuals, a new color pallet with earth tones that incorporate familiar wildland colors, and easy and quick navigation designed with the customer in mind.

The refreshed website makes navigation smooth and finding and interacting with products easier. They have also rebranded their logo with a classic modern look, with crisp typography for a bold clean look infused with the earth tones seen across the website.

This new redesign is responsive, meaning all the information is readily available, regardless of the device being used - mobile phone, tablet, or computer. In addition, the redesign was an opportunity to review and refresh all content to ensure information is up-to-date.

Improvements include:

  • Rebranded logo
  • Updated color pallet
  • Updated menu bar 
  • Improved product display 
  • Bolder visuals 
  • Improved site navigation makes content easier to access 
  • Updated Pack Shack news 
  • Cohesive typography throughout the website
  • Social media plugs added
  • Contact us information is easily accessible
  • Dedicated About us section 
  • And dedicated Customer service section


In 1985, Karen, owner and founder of The Pack Shack started sewing specialized wildland gear in her home after realizing there was a nonexistent market catering to wildland firefighters. Karen’s vision was to create quality gear that offered both great pricing and superior service. Since then, The Pack Shack has delivered its promise of performance-based products to the wildland firefighter community.

After 36 years of service and with retirement in mind, Karen and her family sold their business to True North Gear, a family-owned and operated company with aligned values and origins. The Pack Shack will continue to provide the same superior customer service and continue to be made in Eagar, Arizona, by the same group of dedicated sewers.

As the caretakers of The Pack Shack legacy, our focus will continue to provided quality service and gear. 

The new site will continue to undergo a series of improvements and enhancements over the coming months. However, orders will continue to be submitted the same way as before, and customer service will provide the same fast and reliable support. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback, offer ideas or comments on their purchase order at

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