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What are “Made to Order” Products?

All Pack Shack products are currently made to order. This means that when an order is placed, the product is made from scratch — an important distinction from a stock item, which is one that is already produced, on the shelf, and ready to ship. To summarize, here are a few things about the made to order process you may find helpful.

How does made to order work?
When an order is placed online, it enters the queue based on when it was received and is then processed by customer solutions. From there it is handed over to our capable team of sewers at The Pack Shack, who will create the made from scratch product requested in the order. Once complete, the order is reviewed for quality and then packed up and shipped off to your doorstep, a product made from start to finish just for you!

Will this impact the time frame for shipping?
Our general time frame for made-to-order products depends on a variety of factors such as product demand and order volume, it may take up to 8 weeks for your order to be made and shipped.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my order timeline?
To inquire about your order or better understand your delivery timeline, please reach out to our customer solutions team at Be as descriptive as possible with your inquiries and include your order number for the most timely, accurate service.

Will The Pack Shack ever carry stock products?
Yes! We are currently working toward stocking select products that will be shipped within the same week an order is placed. While this project is in process, all our products are still made to order at this time. Join our newsletter to get the latest on Pack Shack products and news.